We see the world using environment friendly glasses which ensure safety and security along with its aesthetics. We want to assure that the use turns out to be economical to the end users.

Solar Toughened Glass

We are ranked among the top most manufacturers and suppliers of Solar Toughened Glass. This Solar Toughened Glass has excellent absorbing power for generation of electricity.

Insulated Glass

It is manufactured using two glass panes with an aluminium spacer in between filled with molecular desiccant creating still air/gas gap between the glasses.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a sandwich of two or more sheets of glass with a plastic interlayer usually polyvinyl (PVB) interlayer in between.

Low Iron Pattern Toughened Glass

We provide a wide range of Low Iron patterned GlassLow Iron Pattern Toughened Glass that is manufactured from quality raw material.

Ceramic Frit Printing

Ceramic Printed Glass is infact tempered safety glass to which a special high temperature resistance paint is applied immediately Prior to the tempering process.

Heat Strengthened Glass

When annealed glass is heated up to a temperature range of 600° Celsius to 650° Celsius, for a specified time and then suddenly air-cooled. It gives strength to the glass.


Brahmani Glasstech India Private Limited has started its business operation in Surat as trading and designing company of glass in 2002. As a part of diversification plan B-guard Glass has introduced B-guard Glass as its processing plant in 2010 in Surat.