b-glassBrahmani Glasstech India Private Limited combines the benefit of a big professional set-up with flexibility of a small personalized company. Tempered Glass industry as a whole hasn’t as yet become fully professional. In such a scenario opting for ‘B-guard’ is the best option available in the western region.

As you can see in the graphic beside, B-guard’s Client-Company interface is ensuring everything you are expecting from a great supplier. Our company has been restructured to adhere to most professional systems. From the first contact of yours with the company, our marketing/service executives will see that your order gets best attention, highest quality standards and world-class manufacturing…. up to in-time satisfactory deliveries. In this process, the management team overlooks the execution personally.

The management team is made of high calibre experts of the glass industry. It has a decade long experience of working for the most demanding clients in all industries. They are guided by several technical consultants. The every day show is run by highly paid technical & professional staff and a dedicated team of skilled workers.

Brahmani Glasstech India Private Limited, the company has grown from a humble set-up to the most advanced, where a lot of work is now done on automated machinery. We keep our technology and technics updated to provide best glasses with even better processes and finishes. The minutest cuts, corners, hollows and grooves in our jobs prove that.

Employing the latest technologies, highly qualified people and best managerial systems is the culture at B-guard. No compromise in material procurement and quality controls at every step, no short-cuts or cutting corners to save some bucks and honest dealings always is B-guard hallmark; that has made it trustworthy brand-name.