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  • CAD, Coral Draw and Photoshop technicians work with both 3D and 2D design - known respectively as solid and surface modelling. Solid modelling is the creation of a 3D display of a component or structure which engineers could use to take a 'virtual tour' around a proposed building or to look inside a piece of manufacturing machinery. With surface modelling, you would draw a flat representation of a design.
  • Your designs could also be used to help prepare estimates for how much projects are likely to cost, or for maintenance manuals and assembly instructions.
  • As a CAD, Coral Draw and Photoshop technician, you could find yourself discussing a particular design with the team, following your team leader's instructions for developing a design, working from a computer model of the item or changing detailed diagrams so they can be more easily followed.
  • Most CAD, Coral Draw and Photoshop technicians work as part of a small team, with each member assigned a separate area of a project under the supervision of a design engineer. You'll be working at a day-to-day level of individual projects.
  • The drawings are produced on the computer screen using the mouse and keyboard to draw lines, shapes and components. Copying, pasting and amending drawings are clearly much quicker and easier than changing paper copies. Drawings can also be sent by email to anybody with the requisite software to open the file
  • Contact Person: V Rajaraman
  • Resume sent to: [email protected]
  • Contact number: 9099996298